Happy New Year

Hello 2012. I’m so glad to see you. And my little blog still here, just waiting for a spruce.

I’m brushing away the cobwebs from the corners and shaking out the dusty mats. I’ve a big bucket of soapy hot water for the windows and some sweet smelling lavender water to swish around the place. Soon have it looking all spic and span again.

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Thanks to Kath and Leah for your kind messages. I’ve been unwell and still undergoing treatment but well on the road to full recovery. That’s one reason for lack of posts.

I hadn’t realised how long it had been since I was last in this space. I did start a post about a month ago but never finished it. I think I’d lost impetus after we had no internet connection for a few days in the early summer which ended my run of posting every day. Then I wasn’t so sure why I continued to blog. I’m still not sure, but I know that it seems too difficult to abandon four years of my life.

Now, with some time on my hands coming up, I’m wondering about taking on the nanowrimo challenge. I’m studying too, so it might be a project too far but I’ve a couple of weeks to mull it over still before I commit.

No pictures today as I’m on dh’s computer but I did get a brand spanking new copy of Photoshop Elements for my birthday recently so I’m looking forward to loading that up on to my laptop and getting back into the photo taking habit. I know there are some daily challenges around the blogosphere so perhaps one of those might do the trick.

Any time I have spent on the computer has been over on Pinterest. Obsessed would be putting it mildly but I think I might be getting over it now (or not!).

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E has been back at school these past two days and I missed her after the long summer hol. Thank goodness it’s the weekend again.

The day before school started we headed out with DH to the beach. After 20 mins sitting in the car waiting for the rain to stop we braved the last few raindrops and were rewarded with clean fresh air, lots of pretty shells and some nice photo opportunities. For a change J had the camera so we found some rare pics of me and E together when we downloaded photos today. Lunch at the Ship in Gatehouse of Fleet and a walk in the sunshine at Kennick Burn to round off a great end of hols treat.

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Four Years

I’d planned for a recent (current) period of enforced rest by gathering together a pile of books; Game of Thrones, the Dawn French novel, A Tiny Bit Marvellous and our book group read for this month – Long Gone by Alafair Burke. Plus it would give me time to crit some work produced by other members of my Open University writing group as well as catching up with some writing myself. Not to mention the teetering pile of books waiting to be read for my next course.


I have read some of each of the three novels but none has engaged me as much as I’d hoped – and I don’t think it’s that they’re not good books. I simply have have nowhere near the concentration needed to focus on someone else’s work nor the will to create my own.

Honestly, when you need rest (and the occasional doze in the chair)  there’s only one thing will do. Television! The crapper the better too. Food Network has been a major distraction, The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross (an old show from the 80’s and actually like this one a lot), Homes under the Hammer, Midsomer Murders and cop shows. Endless cop shows. Cop Squad, Road Wars (a particular fav), Sky Cops etc etc and ad infinitum. Oh, and we’ve been watching Celebrity Big Brother so that E can stay in the loop with friends.

Anyway, I’ve been lazing about so much that I missed my 4 year blogging anniversary, which is a shame because I do love my blog and I’m astonished to think that I’ve kept it going for so long and also how much has changed since I started it. It also makes me wonder just what I’ll be up to in another four years time.

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This sweet kitty can’t wait to climb onto my lap when I settle down to watch tv in the evenings and I love to feel the weight of her little body as she falls into a deep, snuffly slumber. Not so fond of her leaping off like a panther, knife-like claws slashing as she goes, if I dare to reach for the remote control or if the dog barks or the phone rings or if someone asks if I want a cup of tea. I still bear the scars from the last time she took flight. A faux fur throw as buffer has been the answer and I’m not averse to tucking it around my knees most evenings at the moment even if the cat is nowhere in sight. What did happen to summer?!

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Some of my favourite things to photograph are plants but I don’t have a macro lens so it’s not easy to get the close details I’d really like to.

Because I’ve never got around to learning how to use my camera off auto what I usually end up doing is stepping back and zooming in with my zoom lens, then I crop a bit closer at home and sometimes get some pretty pics this way.

I love the spider web on this honeysuckle.

But I think I’ll still be putting a macro lens at the top of my birthday wish list.

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Cot Quilts

During my recent (and ongoing) sort and clear out/slash and burn throughout all corners of the house, I found these small quilt tops, made way back when I had my shop. Though I say it myself they’re all pretty cute (be cuter with the aid of an iron I know).

I never got around to quilting them – in fact I wonder that I ever had the time to piece them – but now they reside in my ‘to do quite soon’ box; next to the sewing machine instead of lying forgotten under the bed. In fact they are next in line after the two big quilts are done.

I don’t know anyone with little ones due anytime soon so I plan to donate them to Project Linus  once they’re done.

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